Get Your Card

Who Gets an ID?

The Wolfpack One Card office issues identification cards to the following segments of the campus population. Both are loaded into our system via downloads from Registration and Records and the PeopleSoft system:

  • Currently registered NC State students
  • Currently employed NC State faculty and staff

ID cards are issued to staff not paid by the University, visiting scholars, visiting professors, OLLI program members, NC State affiliates and guests of the University by request approved by a dean or vice chancellor.

Non-photo conference/guest cards are issued to summer conference groups and special programs requiring access to University services without being issued a Student or Faculty/Staff ID.

There is no fee for the first Wolfpack One card issued to new students, faculty, and staff. Other ID cards may require a fee. There is a $20 fee for replacement cards.

Where do I Get My Card?

Incoming students can upload their photo here and pick up their card when arriving on-campus. Upload your photo here. Students who are in the Raleigh area can pick up their photo ahead of their first semester. Contact the card office to ensure your card is ready.

New graduate students will not receive ID cards during the New Graduate Student Orientation. Graduate students should go to the Talley Student Union after their Orientation session to obtain an ID card.

During the regular school year, stop by the Wolfpack One Card office during regular business hours: Monday – Friday from 8 am. – 5 p.m. We are located in the Talley Student Union.

If you are a temporary employee, visitor, contractor or affiliate and your department requires you to have an ID card, please complete this form before coming to our office.

Preferred Names

How do I set my preferred name?

For students, you can update your preferred name in MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Personal Information tile > Select the ‘Preferred Name’ line > Edit the ‘First Name’ box > Select ‘Save’.

How long should I wait before requesting a new Wolfpack One Card?

Since the preferred name change touches all areas of campus, it can sometimes take up to two business days after approval for the change to be live in the One Card system.  

Requesting a new Wolfpack One Card?

Once your preferred name has been changed in the MyPack Portal system, you can go to the Wolfpack One Card office on the main level of Talley Student Union.  Bring your current card with you when you request a replacement card.  You can ask for a new card with your Preferred name on the front of the card and the legal name on the back.

Where is my preferred/non-legal name on the One Card?

Your preferred/non-legal name is printed on the front of your One Card, and your legal name is printed on the back. 

Do I have to have the legal name on the back of my card?

It is encouraged to still have your legal name on the back of your card in case it is needed for other systems that do not currently have the capability to use a preferred name in the system in which an ID card may be required (e.g., DELTA testing services, etc).  

Where can I find more information about preferred name changes?

Preferred Name Change