All Campus Account Policies


Deposits may be made via cash or check, by mail, online or in person. Deposits will be active immediately upon receipt. There is no minimum deposit required.

Closing Your Account and Refunds

Deposits to the All Campus Account are the property of the student holding the account. Students may close their account at any time and request a refund of the remaining account balance. A refund check will be mailed, normally within two weeks of the request.

In the event student leaves school and does not request a refund of their remaining account balance of more than $25 by semester break of the next year, the Wolfpack One Card office will contact the account holder about their leftover balance and how to request a refund check. Each year on July 1, an inactive account fee of $25 will be applied against the balances of those accounts marked as inactive for one year. If the balance is less than $25, the balance will be set to zero and the account closed.

Those accounts for which contact information may not be available to produce a refund, or for those that refund checks have never been cashed, or for balances for which no refund has been requested, are to be submitted as escheats (common law doctrine that operates to ensure that property is not left in limbo and ownerless) in January five years after being marked inactive. Lists from each year are to be compared to determine the age of the possible escheat item.

Lost or Stolen Card

We make every effort to ensure the security of the transactions and data in the system. One important aspect of keeping your All Campus funds secure is to maintain control and security of your Wolfpack One ID card. If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately by calling 919.515.3090.

During evening and weekend hours, report lost cards here. The account will be frozen immediately.

Once a card is reported lost or stolen, All Campus assumes responsibility for preventing access to your campus funds and will reimburse your account for any funds spent after you have notified us. We cannot, however, take responsibility for any funds spent from your account before you have notified us that your card is lost or stolen.

To limit your exposure in the event that you do not realize your card is missing for a period of time, we have a policy to verify the photo on the ID of anyone making a large purchase using the card and have placed a $10 per day limit on the vending machines. A $20 charge applies for lost or stolen cards.